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IT Help Desk & Web Stats for July

It's been another great month at Sea Coast!
Posted: August 09, 2017 by Honor Rudd

It has been another great month for our one-of-a-kind IT Help Desk, as well as our fantastic website. 

Our Help Desk employs three full-time Information Technology Experts who stay at-the-ready to assist all of our agents and staff with their technology needs. From setting up new equipment in the office, to troubleshooting computer problems at home, from email issues, to smart-phone problems, Johnathan, Jason, and Jarett pride themselves on not only quick responses and resolution of issues, but also on excellent customer service. Our IT Department is truly an integral and prized part of the Sea Coast Family. 

Throughout the month of July, the Help Desk closed 653 Help Tickets. The average amount of time it took for a human response to these requests was 11 minutes and 24 seconds. The average resolution time for Help Tickets was 5 hours and 13 minutes. It is important to note that resolving many IT issues requires working in conjunction with other companies (Zillow, for example), slow responses from which can substantially raise resolution time for our Help Tickets. That said, approximately 68% of Help Tickets in July were resolved in under 25 minutes.

Via our expertly-designed real estate website, each of our agents is provided their own customizable website. Individual agent efforts, as well as company marketing, and search engine optimization methods are constantly working to drive more traffic to our listings. In July there were 34,871 visits to this website, resulting in 71,217 page views. These visits generated 257 inquiries, 84 of which went directly to agents via their individual websites. Agent profiles were viewed 3,784 times, and 5,250 referrals to the website came from Facebook alone. 

Our stellar IT Help Desk and expertly designed website are just two of a vast array of advantages Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage offers our agents.

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